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Business Litigation Lawyers in New Jersey

Business Litigation encompasses any dispute that a business owner may face including enforcing and terminating contracts, employee termination and discrimination matters, leasing issues, defending property interests, and enforcing the rights of owners against other owners in directing the course of a business or terminating a business.

Our lawyers are devoted to pursuing the claims of, and defending the rights and interests, of our clients in various commercial, contract and regulatory disputes and in collateral business related matters.

Our law firm represents corporations, closely held businesses, policyholders, professionals, and individuals as both plaintiffs and defendants in matters dealing with business and corporate disputes, professional liability claims, insurance, contract disputes, corporate law and risk management, estate/probate, construction, and real estate development. Our litigation approach is to provide zealous representation to our clients in the litigation of their matters.

When representing a business client, our attorneys also strive to think like business owners. This philosophy permeates our recommendations. We recognize that immediacy and cost are central factors in deciding how to proceed. We practice “preventive lawyering” by urging clients to meet with us before making key business decisions such as creating a standard form contract, entering into a lease, or hiring a key employee.

By highlighting ambiguous language, identifying possible future areas of disagreement, and assisting the business client in thinking through the consequences of a decision, litigation may be avoided altogether.

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