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Ocean Grove NJ Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Lawsuits

When you or your loved one is admitted as a resider to a Nursing Home there is an assumption that remedies will be suitable and dignified. The treatment of a few of the most vulnerable individuals of our community is so essential that the New Jersey legislature enacted the Nursing Home Reform Act supplying that every nursing home occupant deserves to be treated with dignity and regard, devoid of maligning and neglectful actions.
According to the Federal Government, more than 1.5 million individuals reside in nursing homes every year throughout the nation. When organizations choose to own and run a nursing home it comes along with the obligation to do it properly. This means adequate staffing, facilities, training and medical protection. With the changing landscape of our population and longer life span, nursing homes are no longer places where the infirm go to pass away. The owners now must run facilities with a specific level of proficiency, staffing, training and facilities that are focused on the needs of the population it serves.
Unfortunately, the care offered to citizens at nursing homes by those utilized sometimes result in causing physical, mental or psychosocial harm. Sometimes the damage is triggered by deliberate acts, and in some cases the damage is the outcome of neglect. Nursing home malpractice is a prevalent, growing kind of abuse both locally and nationwide. There is also factor to believe these circumstances of neglect and abuse are under-reported.
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Common Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse Or Neglect in Ocean Grove NJ

Whether it is being our own advocate or keeping an eye out for a loved one, it might not be as apparent as you think to pick up on the truth that a citizen has been the victim of abuse or disregard. Through our practical experience, we have learned that you must always be on the lookout for falls with injuries and unexplained injuries; sudden changes in patient habits or diagnosis; bedsores or pressure ulcers; rapid weight loss or poor nutrition; unsanitary conditions; overmedication; unexpected or unexpected death; transfer to a health center or injury care center for infection, unusual wounds, or malnutrition; and insufficient staffing or poor quality of personnel.
Often residents experience decreased movement which presents the increased risk for bed sores, lung issues and orthopedic injuries. The nursing homes that accept these clients are anticipated to have this understanding and tailor their care plan accordingly to fulfill the requirements of the senior and bedridden.

Why Choosing an Experienced Nursing Home Attorney Matters

A case against a nursing home is not a normal injury case. The skilled attorneys at Gencarelli and Rimassa Law Firm, LLC have the ability to at the same time examine the event, or series of occasions, while dealing with the proper medical professionals who aid in determining what happened, and who is accountable for our client’s injuries.
Additionally, nursing home lawsuits involves a number of specific and crucial state and federal regulations that can impact various cases in different ways. Having an lawyer that can effortlessly manage all the medical and legal concerns a case presents, while simultaneously dealing with opposing counsel and the Court is essential to secure you or your loved one the most desirable result. Contact us today for a free examination to examine your case.

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